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Dear Vic Heritage Plate Collectors & Enthusiasts,

Over the last 10 years that I have been keenly involved in the buying, selling & collecting of Australian Heritage Number Plates, I have never seen such a fine collection of vehicle specific heritage plates offered for sale anywhere in Australia.

.Now I have! present the finest collection of Ferrari model specific Heritage Plate Numbers ever offered for sale to the open market.....

Vic "360" - $90,000
Vic "365" - $95,000
Vic "430" - $95,000

*Please note: This collection is available for sale as a whole, or can be purchased individually*

These Heritage Plate numbers represent some of the most desirable, beautiful & technically advanced Ferrari's of their time.

360 - Production dates from 1999 - 2005. A huge technological leap forward from its predecessor, the F355. The limited production Challenge Stradale is likely to be a serious collectors item of the future.

365 - Production dates from 1965- 1974 Encompassing many legendary models including the 365 GTB/4 “DAYTONA”, 365 GT4/BB ‘BOXER”, 365 GTC/4, 365 California, 365 GT 2+2, 365 GTC & 365 GTS models. The California being the rarest and most valuable of the 365's, with only 14 being produced in 1966 & 1967.

430 - Production dates from 2005 - 2009. The much improved successor to the 360 and a huge sales success for Ferrari. The limited edition Scuderia reportedly laps Fiorano as quickly as the legendary Ferrari Enzo & the current 458 Italia......that is quick!

Don't hesitate to contact me immediately to secure one, two or all of these sensational
Victorian Heritage Number Plates.....don't let your mate show up on the next run "prancing" around,
in his Ferrari with one of these plates attached.....get in before they do!

Please contact me via my email: or call me, Don Thomson direct on 0434 109 255.